Digital Creative & Producer


About Me

I am digital creative and producer. I love making audiences feel something real and see something new.

Here’s my resume, LinkedIn, or you can email me.

What I Love

  • Making and sharing beautiful visual stories

  • Strategy, rigor, experimentation, risk

  • Collaboration

What Got Me Here

  1. I grew up in a Minnesota college town.

  2. I did my undergraduate work at Sarah Lawrence College. I studied dance and anthropology. It gave me a sense for time and space, and a lifelong pursuit for knowledge.

  3. A visiting artist introduced me to dance on film during my senior year, and I was immediately hooked. I loved composing art for the screen and designing things to be viewed online.

  4. I got my master’s degree in Design & Technology at Parsons the New School For Design. I built up skills in coding, videography, and design. I loved every minute of it.

  5. After grad school I worked at a small infographics firm where I learned to tell stories through data.

  6. I joined The New York Public Library as a Designer in 2012. I rose up through the organization and I now run the Digital Media Team. I have improved my craft in immeasurable ways, while gaining skills in management, strategy, budgeting, and relationship building.