About Me

I am a creative content strategist with proven experience producing compelling stories across video, audio, text, photography and graphics. I believe the ever-changing media landscape requires digital storytellers to think strategically and constantly adapt. My goals is to engage and delight audiences with beautiful content that’s designed for them on the platforms they use.

Here’s my resume, LinkedIn, or you can email me.

What I Do

I am the Director of Digital Media in the Communications & Marketing Department at the New York Public Library. My team and I make videos, podcasts, and other digital products that communicate the message and story of the Library. I design our strategy, create new products and collaborate with teams across the Library.

What I Love

  • Telling compelling, human stories

  • Balancing an entrepreneurial and experimental spirit with strategy and rigor

  • Collaborating with smart people who are at the top of their game

What Got Me Here

  1. I grew up in a Minnesota college town with great parents and a love for the arts.

  2. I did my undergraduate work at Sarah Lawrence College. I studied dance and anthropology. It gave me a sense for time and space, and a lifelong love of learning.

  3. A visiting artist introduced me to dance on film during my senior year, and I was immediately hooked. I loved composing art for the screen and designing things to be viewed online.

  4. I got my master’s degree in Design & Technology at Parsons the New School For Design. I built up skills in coding, videography, and design. I loved every minute of it.

  5. After grad school I worked at a small infographics firm where I learned to tell stories through data.

  6. I joined The New York Public Library as a Designer in 2012. I rose up through the organization and I now run the Digital Media Team. I have improved my craft in immeasurable ways, while gaining skills in management, strategy, budgeting, and relationship building.